Spencer M. Hassler, Esq.

Spencer M. Hassler believes that “an injustice anywhere is a threat to injustice everywhere.”  This quote made popular by MLK communicates how this attorney feels about his clients.  He believes that criminal charges, DUI charges, or personal injuries shouldn’t be faced alone. He works with each client closely, completely committing himself to their individual cases.   Mr. Hassler is caring, diligent, and aggressive when it comes to pursuing justice for his clients which are traits that make him an excellent attorney.

Practice Areas Focused on in Nashville and Surrounding areas:

There are many practice areas focused on by Mr. Hassler.  Those include criminal defense, DUI, and personal injury as mentioned above. However, he also focuses on cases dealing with traffic and speeding tickets along with car accident cases. He is not afraid to go to trial if necessary and understands how to negotiate for the betterment of each of his clients’.  His career history plus his impressive education enables him to serve his clients in a unique capacity, one that is always compassionate and caring above all else.

Localities Served by Nashville Attorney Spencer M. Hassler:

Mr. Hassler serves the localities of  Davidson County, Robertson County, Sumner County, Rutherford County, Wilson County, and all of middle Tennessee.

Taking Action:

If you or someone you love has been the victim of an accident and is facing a personal injury as a result, or if you have suffered an injury through no fault of your own, you could be entitled to compensation. If you are facing a speeding ticket or you are being charged with a crime and want someone who is willing and ready to stand at your side, Nashville attorney Spencer Hassler is ready to serve you.  Call today to learn more about what Mr. Hassler can do to help you find justice in the courtroom.

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